Single & Multi-Day

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Costa Rica’s rivers and catch some of the best fish in the world.

Whether you prefer a single-day experience or want to immerse yourself in a multi-day adventure, we are here to customize the tour according to your preferences.

Jungle Tarpon Costa Rica

Embark on an exciting fishing adventure in search of the majestic Tarpon, the silver giant of Costa Rican waters. Feel the thrill of battling one of the world's most powerful fish as you explore the pristine rivers and mangroves of Costa Rica.

Cloud Forest Trout Costa Rica

Experience the thrill of casting your fly in crystal-clear waters as you pursue the colorful Rainbow Trout. Delight in breathtaking landscapes and feel the satisfaction of catching and releasing these magnificent creatures.

Flower Hatch Machaca, Costa Rica

Face a fish full of energy and strength in the lush rivers of our natural paradise. Become a true fishing explorer as you pursue the Machaca, known for its challenging nature and its ability to jump out of the water.

Caribean Tarpon, Costa Rica

If you have ever dreamed of chasing the shadow of the tarpon, of feeling the exhilaration of coming face to face with this legendary fish, join us on a journey of rediscovery. Let the beauty of Costa Rica awaken your spirit of adventure and ignite your love of fly fishing.