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Most frequent questions and answers

Costa Rica’s weather is as varied as the fish we fish for. If you will be fishing for trout, the weather is very comfortable during the day, much like early summer in the United States. At night, however, the weather can be quite cool in the mountains and we recommend a sweater or light jacket. If you will be fishing for machaca, mojarra, guapote, or tarpon; the weather is tropical. Expect very hot, humid sunny days, occasional rain and very warm nights. We recommend every client bring sunscreen (SPF 50+), insect repellent and rain gear. Normally, insects are not a problem; however, in the evenings it is best to apply repellent.

These are all wild tropical fish, catching will be relevant to the angler’s skills. We recommend you practice with the rod, reel and line you will be using, prior to your visit. Practice on target casting as sometimes you will only get one chance at a fish. In many places, we are casting to pockets amongst the foliage where fish are hiding; accuracy is very important.

Refreshments, snacks, flies, guide, expert instruction boat captain and watercraft. We do not provide lunch, alcoholic beverages, or gratuities/tips, and we ask that clients cover their own transportation (rental car and gasoline costs.) Depending on the location, you may be asked to pay a park fee and fishing license. We will let you know ahead of the time when this is the case. Please Note: We strongly recommend you bring your own tackle. However, we do have tackle available (rods, reels and flies) if needs be.

We do not provide transportation to the fishing destinations. However, we do recommend that our guides accompany you in your vehicle to the destination; they can help assure you arrive safely and on time. Please be advised: Travel in Costa Rica is slow. Getting to your destination is part of the adventure, and often, part of the fun. We will stop for breakfast, lunch and snacks and stop as often as necessary to enjoy the wildlife and scenery. In some cases, it may be most convenient to meet your guide at the destination; we will provide ample directions and information.

Rest stops will be provided both on the road and on the water.

Light weight summer clothing, long pants, long-sleeve shirts, hat, sunglasses, 50+ SPF sunscreen and a lightweight rainjacket, sandals, tennis shoes and angle socks advised.

Arrangements for trips which will be of interest to the non-angler are often accommodated.

We are prepared to handle anglers age 9 to 99.

A passport! A photocopy of your document should be kept with you at all times.

You are asked to advise us of any special health needs you may require. All special medications should be brought with you, however, medical care in Costa Rica is very good in an emergency.

A good insect repellent combined with long pants usually deters our evening visitors. Insects are not often a bother.

Yes, but make sure the notes are not damaged.

Drive times vary greatly in Costa Rica depending on traffic, weather and road conditions. We ask that you please be understanding. San José, where the airport is located, to the trout fishing waters takes approximately 2.5 hours. San José to the north-central tarpon rivers and lagoons about 4 hours, San José to the machaca rivers about 3.5 hrs. The trips take us through beautiful country and we will stop for refreshments and breakfast and/or dinner.

This depends on the species you’ll be fishing for. We will discuss this with you by phone or email prior to the trip.

Yes, but with the condition: “You break or lose it, you buy it.”

Yes! We sell custom-tied tarpon, machaca and trout flies which have been refined over 40 years of fishing for these species. You will not find better flies for the species anywhere.

Security has not been a problem in the hotels we frequent. Please feel free to bring your camera, small laptop or iPhone and other related devices. However, we do recommend you take care while fishing, traveling and eating lunch, because petty crime is not unusual. Equipment should be protected in a waterproof bag at all times.

Internet in Costa Rica is not very reliable, and is subject to variations of efficiency in the areas we fish. In other words, it usually doesn’t work.

It would be pleasure for us to see your flies in action. We can recommend specific patterns and send photo examples upon request. Our guides often bring fly-tying materials and vise on our trips.

We ask for a 50% deposit at the time of your reservation. The remaining 50% will be paid 30 days prior to trip date, or directly to guide in cash when you meet for the fishing trip. If paid via PayPal, a bank fee will be added to that sum. A two week notice must be given for a complete refund. With less than two weeks, we will hold your deposit for use towards your next fishing trip (within one year of cancellation date). Please call us the day before your tour for final confirmation.

All fish are carefully released and we at FFAA promote eco-angling on all of our fly-fishing trips.