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Fly fishing and adventures

Experience the thrill of fly fishing in Costa Rica.


Is the owner and head guide. He was born on the banks of the San Juan River, a famous river on the coast that divides Costa Rica and Nicaragua. He is a fun and cheerful young man committed to his work, which will help him get to know the wildlife and protect the natural resources of this captivating country.

Fishing has been Charlie’s passion, and with over ten years of experience, he has become one of Costa Rica’s top fly-fishing guides and fishing experts. He speaks English, has fished in every part of the country, and has experience in casting, throwing, and fishing. He is also a photography enthusiast.


As authorized fly fishing guides in Costa Rica, we are proud to be members of CRAFF (Costa Rican Association of Fly Fishers). Since its establishment in 2015, CRAFF has become a passionate community of fly fishermen committed to both the sport and conservation of the environment.

Our mission as authorized CRAFF guides extends beyond providing exceptional fly fishing experiences. We strive to foster a culture of sustainable fishing practices and responsible management of aquatic resources in Costa Rica. We believe that by introducing fly fishing and promoting better fishing practices, we can contribute to the long-term conservation of the incredible aquatic resources that thrive throughout the country.