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It’s hard not to be captivated by the exuberant nature and extraordinary biodiversity that Costa Rica has, and Fly Fishing & Adventures knows it very well. Although this beautiful Central American country occupies a small part of the territorial surface of the world, it concentrates 5% of the biodiversity that exists in our planet, reason why it is considered a country of high tourist potential.

Costa Rica has 29 natural parks, 19 wildlife refuges, 8 biological reserves and a good part of its territory is protected by various forms of conservation. In addition, its imposing hydrographic system conformed by 3 slopes (towards the north with border to Nicaragua, towards the Caribbean Sea and towards the Pacific Ocean), attract annually more than one and a half million visitors.

Adventure tourism in this nation is very varied. Its natural reserves full of flora and fauna, captivate lovers of travel and ecotourism activities, as they can have guided tours for the observation of wild birds and exotic fish, and also have excursions and walks through landscapes with mountainous trails, beaches, lakes and rivers of Costa Rica.

If you are passionate about the sport fishing arts, and want to live a unique and close experience with species of freshwater and saltwater fish from Costa Rica, Fly Fishing & Adventures gives you that possibility.

Go ahead and take a great fishing holiday, and enjoy with us to fly and fish in the reliable company of one of the best fly fishing guides in Costa Rica.

Owner/ head Guide


Carlos «Charlie» Chavarria was born on the banks of the San Juan River, the world famous Tarpon River that divides Costa Rica and Nicaragua; He is a fun and cheerful young man, committed to his work who will help you get to know the wildlife and protect the natural resources of this captivating country. 

Fishing has been Charlie’s passion and with more than eight years of experience, he has become one of the most distinguished guides of fly fishing and is one of Costa Rica‘s fishing experts; He speaks English, has fished in all corners of the country and is an expert at flying, launching and fishing, he is also passionate about photography.