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Guanacaste’s Inshore and Offshore Tour

Guanacaste is the ideal destination!

The North Pacific Coast of Costa Rica has attracted fishermen from around the world for decades. The warm waters along the Guanacaste coast and its unique underwater landscape allow for encounters with some of the most sought-after species in the world of sport fishing.

If you’re seeking your next fishing adventure, Guanacaste is the ideal destination! With marlin, sailfish, dorado, and tuna within your reach, this region is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. Our expert captains and fully equipped boats guarantee you an unforgettable experience.

Inshore Fishing

On our thrilling coastal fishing excursion, we invite you to immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of Guanacaste for a 3/4 Day (6 hours) or a 1/2 Day (4 hours) journey. This experience allows you to delve into the wonders of the Pacific Ocean and capture the very essence of sport fishing in one of the most exciting destinations in the world.

Guanacaste has something special in store for you. With its rich marine biodiversity and renowned reputation as a sport fishing paradise, this region offers an unparalleled experience for anglers of all levels.

Our expert and knowledgeable crew will not only take you to the best fishing spots but also provide you with all the guidance and support you need to make the most of your day on the water. From the thrill of battling a roosterfish or cubera snapper to the satisfaction of reeling in a mackerel, every moment in Guanacaste promises to be an unforgettable adventure.

Offshore Fishing

The Guanacaste region in Costa Rica offers fishermen an exciting experience in one of the world’s premier sport fishing destinations. With its impressive Pacific coast, abundant marine life, and favorable weather conditions, deep-sea fishing here is a dream come true.

Whether you’re targeting marlin, sailfish, dorado, or tuna, our experienced crew and top-of-the-line fishing equipment guarantee an unforgettable adventure.

While a full day (8 hours) is recommended to thoroughly explore and reach the best fishing areas, you can also enjoy excellent deep-sea fishing on a 3/4 day (6 hours) excursion. No matter the duration of your trip, each moment on the water will be an exciting and rewarding experience.